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The Feather & The Fox Get Married!

           The nerdy proposal...but that's another blog post...

           The nerdy proposal...but that's another blog post...

Some of you out there know and many do not know that this summer Joe Menth and I got engaged! I am absolutely bubbling with excitement about it and have decided to create this blog to share the process of planning and creating our wedding together. Here on Whidbey Island, we have so many creative friends and clients, that I thought it would be wonderful to show them off a little. Of course, this is also a great opportunity to make new things! We plan on creating amazing signs, invitations, custom fabrics, and so much more.

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So here we are 7 months, until the big day an June 25th 2016. My Pinterest Board is well stocked, a guest list has been started, ideas have been hatched and now it's time for some leg work. Many of you know what Pinterest can do to your brain. I have found amazing inspiration for everything from dresses to invitations, but how do we get that inspiration out of the computer and into real life? And how do all those amazing wedding style shoots translate at a real event? How much will it really cost to get 300, hand lettered in gold ink, Multi-colored agate slices to use as place cards? Well, I looked, it's $1500! Without the hand lettering! So maybe that isn't something I am going to carry out in the plan. But I have now found my challenge. How can we create the look we want without spending thousands of dollars? Not being able to replicate something amazing I saw on Pinterest is inspiring and it pushes me to  consider creating something new and different. I love finding something that someone has made and figuring out how I can make it my own. And maybe it will inspire someone else to make something new and different. And the cycle continues. What an adventure we will have!

In the meantime, I will be sharing the trials and successes of planning our wedding with you. We will be designing and creating all our invitations, signage, a wedding logo, wedding website, and we will show you how we do it all.  And hopefully, in the end, I will not have lost my head, and Joe and I will make it all look effortless, and we will say 'I do' surrounded by the love of our family and friends, as well as all the beautiful things we will have created together.