Look into our little store...

Look into our little store...


Come find some of the coolest books you'll ever see, exquisite prints (and new journals!) by Jill Bliss and Nikki McClure, unique wrapping papers, and wonderful gifts.

Now featuring incredible forged metal work of Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle, handmade assemblages by Sara Saltee, mixed media marvels by Karin Bolstad, and fine woodworking pieces of Walter Dill.

Recent additions include the beautifully haunting imagery of Emily Martin of The Black Apple and the funky cards of Trish Grantham.  Brand new work from Victory Garden of Tomorrow too!

And coming soon, the printed work of some of the world's most revered visionary artists!

Take a peek at the awesome new products in our online store!

One of our best sellers - SPACE Jewelry:
Universe Photo Necklaces CUSTOM MADE!

Cosmic Necklaces
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