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Feather & Fox Fabric and Clothing Production is Underway!

If you would have told me a year ago that we were going to transform our retail business into a design-and-make production house, I would have given you a pretty confused look and thought maybe you were being silly. However, over the last few weeks that's exactly what has happened. With the addition of the sublimation printer and huge heat press, our production studio, Fine Balance Imaging, can now add custom fabric printing and clothing design to the growing list of capabilities. FBIS, which started with the singular focus of quality reproduction of fine art for local artists, is now a full service design and production house. Together, we are creating fabric lines to be used for clothing, napkins, pillows, scarves, coasters, and wall decor. Our close design collaboration is poised to release the full line of apparel and home decor products over the next few months. So how does this process work? Here's a little peek into our process below.

We create our design in Illustrator and apply it to a digital template to check the layout. Reverse image is first printed on transfer paper in our studio.

It takes high heat and pressure to get a great transfer and it comes out of the press with vivid and sharp detail.


We take our images over to the workshop to transfer the images to fabric in our huge heat press. The fabric is pre-pressed to get out the wrinkles.                             

We will take the fabric pieces we have pressed and sew them into scarves, clothing and home decor pieces. 


After heat pressing the sandwiched transfer paper and fabric, the paper can be removed and the image is permanently transferred to the fabric.                             

We have also made several custom t-shirts. We can do an all over image on a shirt in about a week or less. 

We are just getting the hang of this whole process but I am proud to say we keep selling out of our exclusive Feather and Fox designs. I have had a few people stop by looking for examples of our clothing and unfortunately, I can only share pictures. A good problem to have, I suppose. But don't worry, we are rolling out new shirts every week as well as reprinting our original designs.  Don't miss out! Come see us in the boutique before the next batch is sold out!

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