Custom T-shirts and A Lot More

Is it a good sign we sold our first sample t-shirt only a day after making it? It's true. A client walked into our studio and saw it and asked, "Can I buy that?" The first shirt we made with our new sublimation printer didn't even make it into the boutique! I can't say I am disappointed.

Ever since getting the new sublimation printer, our brains have been racing with ideas about all the great stuff we can make. Now the samples are here and we get to finally play. First on our list to try is fabric. We ordered a variety of fabrics that will become throw pillows, skirts, bags, decorative flags, or whatever else we might imagine.

Universal Feather Shirt

If you are interested in printing custom fabrics or shirts, we can print just about anything now in house. If you dreamed of doing more than prints with your photos or artwork, have we got some ideas for you to consider. Stop by for a chat or send an email our way. We look forward to working with you!

Sublime Running Shirt

Each product will become available for purchase in the  Feather & Fox shop and online store within a few days of printing. A reprint of the Feather & Fox logo shirt will be available again soon. For now, the first and only version of the shirt belongs to Nan Hahn, a longtime client of our partner Fine Balance Imaging Studios. Nan has worked closely with them for years to produce fine art prints and cards of her amazing watercolors. Available in the Gratitude Gallery.  

Don't Forget! Look for our coupon code in the previous blog. Thanks for Reading!