Big News

New Developments!

Busy-ness is a sign of good business, right?

Well, we've been getting busy working on all kinds of new developments.

As with most growth, it takes a leap of faith to make any progress. And as with most things in life, everything tends to happen at once when you decide to make big changes.

The Universe strives for ever greater complexity, which is not without its challenges. But what emerges is always something of beauty.

Since we're in the mode of transitions and transforming our lives for the better with all of our latest efforts, it's only fitting we do this now. It's been gestating for a couple months so it seemed time to begin the big reveal.

Clothing, Production and Design

Feather & Fox Fabric and Clothing Production is Underway!

If you would have told me a year ago that we were going to transform our retail business into a design-and-make production house, I would have given you a pretty confused look and thought maybe you were being silly. However, over the last few weeks that's exactly what has happened. With the addition of the sublimation printer and huge heat press, our production studio, Fine Balance Imaging, can now add custom fabric printing and clothing design to the growing list of capabilities. FBIS, which started with the singular focus of quality reproduction of fine art for local artists, is now a full service design and production house.